Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Finished My Booklet!!!

A Patchwork Of Primitives

This is the title of my latest booklet...and I think you will really like it!! I love drawing and I especially enjoy lettering as you can tell from each of my booklet covers. This booklet does not have a particular theme but has some geometric designs as well as a cute cow design, had to include a log cabin piece also as log cabins are my passion!! Did I tell you that my goal is to be living in one by the time my youngest daughter graduates high school? She is currently a Freshman so the clock is ticking!! I grew up in a farmhouse that was part of the underground railroad and had a mother who collected primitives from out east back in the 60's long before they were cool!!! After my parents sold the farmhouse, they built a reproduction Saltbox with a
center was a beautiful house!!! They then moved to the Blue Ridge Mts. of Virginia
where they built a "country home" with a loft and front porch that goes all the way across the front. They sit on top of the mountain and the view is breath-taking!! So......all this to say that my love for all things old and primitive came by me honestly!! If you visit my picturetrail you will see some pics taken from my mothers place...... I love to go there for the solitude and peacefulness........a far cry from our daily life here in the city!!!
Thanks for stopping by........hope we can chat often and share life together through this wonderful vehicle we call blogging!!
Blessings and Peace to you,
p.s. sorry, forgot to mention my picturetrail