Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sneek Peek for Primitive Gathering update on the 15th

Spring is coming and I can't wait!!!
Just a quick note today to remind you that the Primitive Gathering will be updating on the 15th!! These pictures are just a little sneak peek of my entry this month.  Her name is Prudence and I sure hope you enjoy her.
Everything on her clothing, shoes even her stockings are vintage children's clothing. I love making dolls and will be doing more
in the coming weeks. Hope you are all well and enjoying the extra hours of daylight!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

One of my favorite things........Bonnets!

With Easter on its way, I was thinking of bonnets......not the kind with "all the things upon it."
No, I love the wonderful, earthy farm bonnets that shaded the faces of those who loved
the earth and worked it on a daily basis for survival and to add some beauty to their homesteads.
Such care was taken with these utilitarian pieces of their wardrobes. Hand stitching and homespuns that were handily woven for the purpose of household needs and family. Enjoy  these
reminders of a simpler time when physical labor was a necessity but the rewards of a bountiful table and no problems falling asleep were the blessings of the day. Just a side note....isn't it funny that in todays world, a tan face and body is worth paying for and in simpler was the last thing you wanted and you did your very best to keep your face and arms milky white and smooth
as silk........maybe we should revisit those times and learn from those who have gone before us....
happy friday,

Wonderful Wool For Sale

Good Morning,
Just a quick blog  to tell you about some wonderful wool that is on sale
right now at crowing about primitives. She has wonderful creams, browns
and charcoal grey/browns available for all of you fiber artists looking
for quality sheeps wool.
Take a peek at:

Will be catching up with you this weekend......some fun pictures
of farm bonnets to share!!!