Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Motherhood....Living a Blessed Life

Motherhood is such a daunting career and yet I have found it to be the most rewarding experience I could ever don't get me wrong...I am not living in a fairy land but I have been blessed with 3 wonderful children......
This post I want to introduce you to my "baby"!
She is the youngest of the 3 and we shared a very special day this past Sunday as her birthday fell on Mothers Day. She turned 15 and I celebrated my 23rd Mothers day as a mother.
Aubrey is a freshman in high school and is a very artistic gal...I have included a few of her photographs for which she has won awards. She is also a great little "potter". Clay is becoming her new love and she made me the most wonderful vase for mothers day....I will try to post a picture of it so you all can enjoy it too!!! Aubrey loves kids and is a babysitter extraordinaire....... the kids love to see her coming! She also loves to volunteer her time to great causes....this weekend she will be walking for 24 hours for Race for Life.... I am so proud of her heart for others....This has been an interesting Spring for Aubrey. About 2 months ago she started having what we refer to as "episodes" where she, for no reason, would just go in to a stare for about 2 minutes and then eventually faint. She also tried to speak one time and her speech was like that of a stroke victim so this started a whole string of tests......she has had ambulance rides, IV's....CAT scans, MRI's and EEG's (even a sleep deprivation one where she was awake for 30 that's what I call fun....not!!!). She has been such a trooper through the whole thing and has managed to keep up her 3.6 grade point and all of her activities in the midst of all this. We finally got a diagnosis this past Friday....she has a very mild form of Epilepsy called Simple Complex Seizures...We will be starting her on a very, very small dosage of medicine ( 1/3 the recommended dose) as we are not big "drug" fans but if she takes the medicine she has a 60% chance of being seizure free for the rest of her life in one years time!! Isn't that a gift of God? We sure think so....God has been so faithful through all of this and we are grateful that every time she had a seizure she was at home with is done...there is a diagnosis ... and we move forward to lots of art projects this summer, missions trip.....a vacation by the lake and lots of bonfires with friends on our property........Motherhood.......lots of work but lots of joy, blessings and LOVE!!! I couldn't be any
more blessed........
Hope you were feeling blessed and special this past Sunday.......I love the quote ...not sure who said it but it is so true and we mothers need to remind ourselves of it often.....
We don't need a woman in the white house to show women are powerful...
We are showing our power, one little precious life at a time!!!
Look out world!!!
Blessings to each of you dear friends!
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